Monday, October 21, 2013

Passing the Exam

I had my appointment today with the hormone doctor. It went very well. He prescribed for me 4 mgs daily Estradiol, and promised to increase it to 6 mg at my next appointment, if that doesn't do the trick.

We had a lengthy conversation about the health risks associated with estrogen, in light of my concerns about a blood clot I had a few years ago. He said to take preventative measures to guard against future clotting, but that he wouldn't with hold hormone treatment because of it.

One of the niceties of this regime is that I will have to take fewer pills, and less often, than when I was on Premarin and Provera a few years ago. This will make it easier to manage, and I won't always have to be watching the clock, thinking about my next meds.

Tomorrow morning, I will start my new medicine. I am so looking forward to it. It has been a long time coming, and I regret stopping hormone use when I was 25 and first started using them. Oh well. Not much I can do about that now, but I can be dedicated to making it through my transition this time.

Wish me luck,


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