Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hormones and Clots

A couple of years ago I got a clot from temporary immobility caused by a brief hospitalization. The hospital staff told me that getting one clot puts you increased risk for another, so I have been sheepishly concerned about taking estrogrens since that first clot. Since estrogrens also increase your risk of clots, that seems like a good way to kill myself.

Still, like any tgirl, I can't help but thirst for estrogens, so I want to get the final word from a medical professional. I tried to email the doc who gave me my estrogren in the past, but his email address is defunt. I don't think he has retired, I just don't think he has a working email address.

I emailed Dr. Gary Alter, the doctor who was on E! a few years back, because I could find his email address and I knew he was respectable enough, since he was on television (that makes you respectable, right Kim Kardashian?). He replied almost immediately that he couldn't answer my question, because he only does surgery and he doesn't prescribe hormones. While it was cool to communicate with a famous surgeon to the trans community, it put me back to square one.

So, I guess I'll keep trying to find out - can a tgirl with a clotting history caused by temporary immobility ever take e again, or is she doomed to be a stupid guy forever? Ugh...the life of a tgirl.


Saturday, June 23, 2012


This morning, its irritating the shit out of me that I wasn't born a normal female. I just want to hang out with my girlfriends and experience the things girls do together! And, goddamn I need some breasts and a vagina!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Pick a Gender, Any Gender

The Washington Post is reporting that Argentina has enacted landmark legislation that now makes it easy for people to change their license to reflect the gender that they feel inside. Many transsexuals, according to the story, rushed out to change their identification, as a result.

My initial reaction to this story is that, even if we all agree that being transsexual is quite normal for a segment of the population and should be accepted, we might still want to have some meaningful rules and guidelines about when and how someone can change their recognized gender. On further consideration, I don't know if there is much merit to or need for this idea; I mean, are people really going to willy-nilly change their gender just for the fun of it?

That said, I think I'm ok with a few restrictions on changing your gender. Maybe its not ideal for everyone, but what in life is? If you feel otherwise, feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coming Out Young

My friend's son announced today, on Facebook, that he is bisexual. He's 13. Part of me wants to let him in on my secret and let him know that he can talk to me if he needs support, but another part of me prefers to keep my gender variance to myself.

What blows my mind about his story is that he's only 13, yet he's comfortable announcing his sexual orientation to everyone he knows. When I was his age, I hadn't fully deduced that I was transgender, but I certainly wasn't going to tell everyone I knew that I liked to dress in my sister's clothes when she wasn't around.

It took me until I was 24 to tell my parents, and even that was a stretch. I wrote them a note, left it on the counter, and drove as far and fast as I could, to avoid having to deal with their reactions, but also to ensure that I couldn't undermine my own coming out at the last minute.

It got easier for me as I got older. I told my wife (then girlfriend) within a year of knowing her; my best friend within a month or two of that; and other friends over the course of the next few months. Today, a couple dozen people know about my deep desire to live my life as a woman, and my decision to put it off in order to keep my family in tact.

I hope that my friend's son finds the support and guidance that he needs. Surely, I will be there to help if ever I can, though I'm not yet ready to tell him why I might be of particular help. Then again, he has access to the internet, where so much useful information and support can be found - including this blog - so I know he will be better off then I, who waited too long to pursue my dream of becoming a girl.