Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It Is Time

After years of trying to keep my transgender identity under wraps, I have decided it is now time to move ahead with my transition.

Yesterday, I told my wife that I thought our relationship was damaged in myriad ways by my keeping things a secret, and that I intend to start hormones again soon. At first she was very hurt, sensing that I was leaving her behind, but I reassured her over and over again that my intention is to stay with her. Eventually, she said she loved me and gave me the biggest hug she has given me in months. I don't take her reaction to mean she is supportive, just that she's going to hang around as long as she can.

This morning I called my hormone doctor, but he retired! Arg. Now I have to find a new one. I called my therapist to schedule an appointment and to see if she could recommend another doctor, but she hasn't been answering. I hope she didn't retire, too! I am soooo ready to get back on the happy, magic pills we call estrogen, and to get my body looking and feeling like I have long dreamed for it to be.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in the past, and thanks to everyone who will support me this time. There is no stopping me now.


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