Friday, October 18, 2013

Itty-Bity Baby Steps

Great news! I got through to my psychologist and scheduled an appointment for the 28th. She has not retired, and I am very much looking forward to seeing her for the first time in four years. Also, when I called her, she referred me to another hormone doctor!

It turned out that the doctor she referred me to was not accepting new patients. No problem, however; I did some research and came up with another doctor that works with tgirls nearby. First, I sent him an email to see if he was accepting new patients, and accepting patients like me. He didn't respond right away, and I was antsy, so I called his office directly.

The receptionist was very nice and even asked if I had a name that I wanted to be called other than my boy name (I said not yet, but in hindsight I should have told them to call me Kate; mentally, that seems slightly orgasmic). My appointment is scheduled for the 21st.  Good lord I am excited for that appointment.

I asked my psychologist to send to the hormone doctor a letter indicating that I do indeed have ongoing gender dysphoria and that I am a proper candidate for hormone treatment. Hopefully, it will get there in time. I would really love to start hormones on my way out the door of the doctor's office on Monday, and not have to wait for paperwork or random lab tests or something like that.

My key concern is that the hormone doctor will give me crap about hormone use because I once had a blood clot, and a history of blood clots, like hormones, are indicated in increased risk of clot formation. Though, I did contact a specialist once who said that my history of having a clot should not preclude me from hormone use. I hope that specialist knew what they were talking about.

Over the past few days, I have already been getting ready for my appointments and transition. I've been gradually removing all of my ugly boy body hair, which I had let creep back in over the past few months. Also, I started a diet, ordered some new girl underwear to wear to my appointments and around town, and did some touch up reading on the transition process and what I can expect from hormone use.

Another fun thing I did was look up female body sizes and types, so I can get a sense of what I might look like at various weights once I transition. It looks like my ideal weight for my height is around 160 lbs, but I could even pull off 170 lbs I think. Definitely, though, I need to get my weight down.

Well, that's all for now! Thanks for reading:)


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