Friday, January 3, 2014

Hair, Hormones, and Hooters

I am now approaching 2.5 months on Estradiol, and my transgender journey continues to pick up steam.

In mid-December, a friend took me to see a hair stylist, to weigh my options for feminizing my hair. The stylist noted a moderate level of hair thinning on my head, and indicated I was not a good candidate for extensions. She did think I was a good candidate for other hair restoration and elongation techniques, and referred me to see a specialist for more information.

After my appointment, my friend gave me a bag of hand-me-downs, which was soooo generous of her. I love them all, and I am so grateful for her support. She is getting married in September, and I hope I am girlie enough by then to go to her wedding en femme. Too bad she’s not having a bachelorette party:(

On the 20th of December I saw my medical doctor. He reports that my labs all look pretty good. The blood I gave in October showed a low level of testosterone, and that was before starting hormones! He took more blood on the 20th, which revealed that the Estradiol I am taking has moved my estrogen and testosterone levels into the range of a normal female, just as I need them to be.  

As for the continued development of my body, I definitely have some breast out-pouching at this point. My chest is always tender and sensitive, and I’m watching my curves daily for the first real signs of a feminine chest. The rest of me seems about the same as before, but they say these things happen in fits and starts, so that is to be expected.

Here’s hoping 2014 brings me the curves that I want, and the passable feminine lifestyle to boot!

Thanks for reading;)