Thursday, June 23, 2011

Excercise, At Last

I haven't followed my own good advice about diet and exercise since I posted it, but I am proud to report that today I finally got around to consciously exercising. It wasn't much - just 20 minutes of total body workout to an exercise video, but I did it and I got sweaty. In fact, my sweaty arm is sticking to the computer desk as I type this post. I can feel a sense of accomplishment at having exercised today, but I need to do it again tomorrow to keep this positive feeling. Building a little everyday toward my dream physical and emotional state is my ultimate purpose here.

On an unrelated note, Oprah had a great show on yesterday about the show Modern Family on ABC, which also featured a transsexual woman named Christina and her wife. Christina was a wonderful t-girl role model. She realized about 30 that she wanted to be a girl, so she set about transforming her thoroughly masculine life completely. The results were quite stunning; she is really a very beautiful and passable woman. More interestingly to me, though, she found a beautiful female partner and they had twins, using Christina's stored sperm. Christiana even breast feed the babies, after following a specialized regime of hormones. She said that she felt she had almost been too lucky, getting everything she wanted in life. That kind of story can really make a tgirl jealous!

Well, hopefully I can report more good health news in my next post. Until then, cheers!


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