Monday, November 4, 2013

Two Weeks of Tweaking Me

Tomorrow marks two weeks since I started my regimen of 4 mg Estradiol, with the purpose of transforming myself from a he to a she. In that short time, I have noticed a host of changes to my body, including:
  • Softening of the skin all over my body. Specifically, there is a layer of fat under my skin in places where it wasn't before. 
  • A change in my pubic hair from a male type to a female type. Its hard to say what this means exactly, but you would know it if you saw it.
  • Changes in my face. Yes, there is new fat on my cheeks and upper face, which is starting to round out a bit. I noticed it in the mirror this week.
  • A bigger chest and butt. Both are the result of redistributed fat, rather than new tissue growth, but I'll take it how I can get it. 
Things at home have been going much better this week. My wife, who had been struggling with the post-baby blues, went to her doctor and got on some prescription medicine. This has made her much easier to get along with, and its making my transition all the smoother.

Thanks this week to my friend Melissa, who gave me a bunch of advice on being a girl, including what moisturizer to use. I picked some up the other day and I am loving the results so far.


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