Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seven Weeks on Estrogen

Greetings blog readers! Its time for an update on my transition from male to female.

I am now seven weeks into estrogen therapy, and the results are modest but ongoing. My body has redistributed a great deal of fat from my abdomen to my chest, hips, and thighs, such that my measurements are now definitely feminine. I can't say for sure whether I have breast nodule formation just yet, but my chest is often tingly and achy - as though the process is underway.

A few weeks ago, my wife surprised me by declaring that she would stay with me through my transition. While I take that with a grain of salt, as it could change at any time, it is a promising development. She did ask a favor of me - that I store sperm in case we decide to have another child. I have been trying to get a hold of a fertility clinic for this reason, but haven't had much luck.

I am scheduled to see my primary care doc on the 20th of December, at which time I will ask him for a referral to a fertility clinic. Hopefully he can make that happen. Also, I suspect he may choose to increase my hormone dosing, as my current regime is on the low side of things.

One other note: my good friend has arranged a salon consultation with her hair dresser for me, so I can get some idea about what to do with my hair. Its overgrown and shaggy right now, while I try to decide if I should grow it out and supplement it with extensions, or whether I will need to wear wigs indefinitely to pass as a girl. My friend also says she has a bag of hand me downs that she plans to give me then, which makes me so excited, and she is getting married next October, thereby giving me a date when I need to be passing (so I can go to the bachelorette party, of course!).

Basically, I am so excited about transitioning:)

One thing I will need to do soon that I am not looking forward to is to tell my parents that my transition plans are back on. They have always been super supportive, but I know they would rather their son be happy as a boy. So, there's that - after the holidays. Until then, keep being awesome, and I will keep trying to be awesome, too.



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