Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kids and Managing Gender

I've been able to manage my gender dysphoria, in part, by focusing on my desire to have kids and a nuclear family. Recently, though, my wife was diagnosed with a condition that makes it unlikely that we will have any more children. This development has made me think long and hard about the decisions I have made and will make concerning my gender presentation. If I can't have kids, should I fear the castrating effects of hormones? If my wife should die prematurely, am I prepared to live into old age as a widow with gender identity issues? What is my obligation to a relationship that could very well make the rest of my life a living hell, now that I know something I didn't know before?

These are the questions I face today. Oddly, I seem to be contemplating them calmly and with patience. Who knows what I'll decide...


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