Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hormone-Clot Situation Update

So, after emailing a few doctors, I finally got an answer about my hormone/clot situation. An endocrinologist in Pennsylvania wrote me to say that having a history with a clot does not make me ineligible for feminizing hormone treatment, but that I should be sure to discuss all of the ramifications with my doctor, should I decide to go back on hormones at some point. Phew. I don't know what I was going to do if I was banned from hormones for life! That's like being banned from air or water. I need me some feminizing medicine!


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  1. I'm very glad to hear that this won't be a problem for you, Kate! I read through your entire blog, and I look forward to seeing your progress ^_^
    I was going to post sooner, but I thought the last entry would have been an awkward spot for my no-knowledge-of-medicine to be introduced.