Monday, June 4, 2012

Pick a Gender, Any Gender

The Washington Post is reporting that Argentina has enacted landmark legislation that now makes it easy for people to change their license to reflect the gender that they feel inside. Many transsexuals, according to the story, rushed out to change their identification, as a result.

My initial reaction to this story is that, even if we all agree that being transsexual is quite normal for a segment of the population and should be accepted, we might still want to have some meaningful rules and guidelines about when and how someone can change their recognized gender. On further consideration, I don't know if there is much merit to or need for this idea; I mean, are people really going to willy-nilly change their gender just for the fun of it?

That said, I think I'm ok with a few restrictions on changing your gender. Maybe its not ideal for everyone, but what in life is? If you feel otherwise, feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks!


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