Tuesday, May 1, 2012

American Transgender

My BFF Coley turned me on to the fact that NatGeo was showing a program called American Transgender tonight, so I tuned in. The show followed three trans people, two ftms and one mtf. The mtf was super cute, but she ended up marrying one of the ftms, who I didn't think was very cute at all:(  Still, she made a good looking bride.

That said, I think its funny how ftms are so well represented in tv shows about trans people. I guess it would be appropriate to give them 50-50 coverage, even though they are far fewer than mtfs, just because its good to show both sides of the coin. However, I think the media gives ftms more than 50-50 coverage, which is super bizarre to me. I mean, we all know that mtfs are the thing to be!

Anyways, just an observation. If you are a ftm and read this blog, or know a ftm, feel free to comment with complaints.



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